Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Treasure Beach, Jamaica?

Treasure Beach is located along the south coast of Jamaica in the Parish of Saint Elizabeth.

What is Treasure Beach like?

Treasure Beach is a sleepy little laid back village that attracts tourists who want to avoid the hustle of commercialism and escape to a quiet and off-beat Jamaican town. Billy’s Bay is one of five coves that stretch for miles along the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for exciting nightlife, you may want to consider Negril or Montego Bay.

What is there to do in Treasure Beach, Jamaica?

Treasure Beach offers a natural breath-taking beauty that surrounds the south coast with some of the most spectacular sites in Jamaica. Whether you are interested in visiting the falls, snorkelling and exploring the colourful coral reef, or relaxing and kicking back with a Red Stripe Beer and treating your palette to an authentic Jamaican dish, there’s something for everyone.

You can find more information on things to do and places to eat here.

How far away is the beach from Butterfly Hill Villa?

Our private driveway will lead you directly to the beach – you are literally just steps away to the beach. You can also explore five other beaches along 6 miles of coastline perfect for a relaxing walk, swim, snorkel or body-surfing experience.

Please Note: Weather conditions and riptides change depending on the season. It’s always best to check with our villa staff to determine the safest areas to swim before planning an outing. Our staff is committed to ensuring you have an enjoyable and safe vacation.

Is Treasure Beach, Jamaica safe?

Treasure Beach is a small, friendly town off the beaten track with little to no crime, compared to the larger cities in Jamaica. Many visitors have expressed to us how relaxed and safe they feel when they are out exploring.

What Timezone does Treasure Beach use?

Easter Standard Time

Is the water safe to drink in Treasure Beach?

Yes. We have access to a national water supply that is chemically treated for safe consumption. However, if you prefer bottled water, it is available.

What is Jamaica weather like?

Ninety percent of the time, our temperatures fall between 80F and 90F during the day and cool down to the 70’s in the evening. The South Coast of Treasure Beach is typically warmer and dryer than the North Coast, with only a 10-degree difference between the winter and summer months.

Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th.

What documentation do I need to travel to Jamaica?

At the time of this post, a passport is required for travel to Jamaica. We recommend checking to ensure this is still accurate.

What are Jamaica's International Airports?

Sangster International Airport (primary airport for destinations that include Montego Bay, Negril, Runaway Bay, and Treasure Beach) or Norman Manley International Airport.

How do I get to Butterfly Hill Villa from the airport?

Not everyone is comfortable driving on the left-hand side of the road, which is why most of our guests prefer to hire our private driver so they can enjoy the scenery. Sit back and let us do the driving so you can enjoy the comfort of our private chauffeur driven van.

What currency does Treasure Beach use and where can I exchange my money?

We have our own Jamaica dollar. Common currencies that can be exchanged include the British Pound Sterling, the Canadian dollar, the Euro, and the US dollar. Traveller's cheques are highly recommended because they are the safest and easiest to exchange. Money can be exchanged at the airport, banks and Cambios.

Please note: Credit cards are NOT widely accepted by vendors, restaurants or touring outfits. Our villa staff will direct you to the closest exchange facility.

ATMs are available in Jamaica with daily limits of $200-300.

How much should I tip in Jamaica?

The North American tipping standard of 15% is considered acceptable in Jamaica. Villa visitors are recommended to tip 15% of their villa rental to staff on the last day of their stay.

Do I need a rental car in Treasure Beach?

Everything in Treasure Beach is within walking or biking distance.

Car rentals, taxis, public transit and our villa driver, is available upon request.

What is the dress code in Jamaica?

Jamaica is very casual, but most restaurants and shops do require shoes and shirts.

What is the official language in Jamaica?

English is the official language of Jamaica.

When is the balance due?

Balance is due 60 days before your arrival. (75 days before Christmas or New Year vacations)

Do you require a deposit during booking?

Yes. We require a 50% deposit of your total rental to secure your reservation.

Do I need to book excursions or tours in advance?

No. All tours and excursions can be booked with our staff when you arrive.

Do I need an AC Adapter for my electronics?

All American appliances will work with 110 volts, 50 Hz electricity. If you are travelling from Europe or elsewhere where you have 220 volts, you will require an adapter.

Will I have access to the Internet at the Treasure Beach Villa?

Yes, our guest services include free broadband Internet access in all rooms of the villa.

Are long-term stays available?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss long term stays.

What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

Our complete cancellation policy is available upon request. Please enquire here.

Is there a charge for children?

Children age 2 and under are free.

When is check-in/check-out?

Check-in is at 2 pm, and check-out before noon.